Wild Childs Club

Content and some spell checking is very needed. Do you like the slide show on the landing page? If so I would like to get those images bought. The navigation buttons do not work so use a back page to come back to this page.

I am still working on the cell phone version. I went with the stars because the falling flower pedals is not something I could find. It requires a video and the stars can be a gif. I

Drinks Liz, on the drinks page I was planning to start the page with the current specials that you sent me. I could do a slide show like the landing page with what yu sent. I was more focused on the past ones and their format.

This page. My vision on this is something along the lines of welcome to the Wild Child's Gentlemens' Club website. Before you check out our drink specials we wanted to introduce you to the family which has made Wild Child the only club of its kind in a x mile radious. .... I need some content ideas on this. The idea is to add key words, describe the club, and other things which make it the go to place. It is within this text that I will use some of my pictures.

Sorry, somewhere I missed the club hours.

What about club rules?

Do you want Moma Child on the barstaff page or the history page?

Here are some links of pages:

History - I woudl like to see some updates to the WC family posted. That page does not have a lot of content and there is more to the story.

Bar Staff - SOrry, but I do need a list of staff and pictures. Also write-ups on the staff. The bar tender didn't want to get her pic taken.

I have not done the contact form but it is on the list.


We are very light on content.